Fillaree was founded in the beginning of 2014 with a mission to provide consumers an opportunity to significantly reduce their household plastic waste through refill.  We are a zero waste company (90% diversion of landfill waste) who create and hand make the purest, refillable, liquid soaps & cleaners. We want to make refilling as convenient as it is rewarding!

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Fillaree Founder's Story

     After realizing she had been refilling the same natural cleaning spray bottle for 7 years, owner and founder, Alyssa Cherry realized that throwing the refill bottle in the recycling bin wasn't enough. Images of plastic waste that fill our oceans and the resulting dead and mangled marine life haunted her daily feed of information. During a tour of a local recycling plant, she was surprised to learn that much of the plastic waste we produce cannot be recycled and what can gets shipped back overseas, a messy and carbon costly journey. This knowledge, coupled with her mother's diagnosis of ovarian cancer spurred her to start an educational journey.  She began to learn about the hundreds of known toxins and carcinogens that are used in personal hygiene and cleaning products.  She learned that even "Green" soap and cleaning products contained known carcinogens and she began her quest to learn how to make her own pure products.

    Alyssa is on a mission to bring her vision to life. She taught herself to make liquid soap from scratch and by hand using traditional and time honored techniques which soon lead to other handmade small batch products. All the while providing refill services at local farmer’s markets and setting up two local refill stations in Durham, NC where Fillaree is based.


 Fillaree Products

1.    Soap + Suds     -Hand and Body Wash/Soap.

2.    Everybody Butter    -Moisturizer.

3.    Clean Dream Spray –All Purpose Cleaning Spray.


All Fillaree products are handmade in small batches.  All are vegan, synthetic free, made with organic and essential oils, we never use fragrance oils. We do not and will not use palm oil and our vegetable oils are fair trade certified.  All products and packaging are refillable and are chosen for that purpose! 

Bottles for Clean Dream Spray come in glass, heavy duty refillable plastic, or BPA free aluminum.  Soap + Suds Wash comes in glass or an aluminum, BPA free bottle. The Everybody Butter comes in a glass jar with an aluminum lid. We avoid plastic as much as possible and as we continue to grow we plan to take advantage of new and innovative plastic free packaging options.

We want to make refilling as convenient as it is rewarding; that is our mission! We are grateful for all of your support thus far and want you to know that your dollar is your choice and when you choose Fillaree you are choosing a company that will go above and beyond to reduce waste, and a small business that puts the planet before profits.

Reduce, Reuse, and Refill with Fillaree.