Reuse is the future, Help Durham lead the way with Greentogo!

Here in Durham we are passionate about our food! This is evident by the growing number of Durham restaurants to dine in, as well as the surge of food trucks that travel throughout the city. Unfortunately, with an increase in delicious food options, there’s an increase in waste of disposable materials like take-out boxes, plastic utensils, and other paper products.

This is a problem for Durham since our landfill reached capacity in 2005!!!!!!  Now, six days each week, we must send trash-filled trucks to the Sampson County Landfill, 95 miles and nearly two hours away! This process is inefficient and carbon costly, and we can make a difference.

In response to this problem, grassroots organization Don’t Waste Durham has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund GreenToGo to help eliminate the waste of disposable materials!  Fillaree, has been involved with Don’t Waste Durham for over a year and we are so passionate about reuse, reducing waste, and all things sustainable.  This groundbreaking program can help Durham lead the way to a more sustainable way of getting food to go. We are committed reducing waste through reuse and refill. Greentogo is a no brainer for us, we hope it will be for you too.

3 important details and ways to get involved in the GreenToGo campaign are:

·       What Is It? GreenToGo is a reusable take-out container service that ultimately strives to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills while also improving the quality of life for Durham residents. The GreenToGo boxes are sustainable and 100% reusable! They can be washed and sanitized in commercial dishwashers, thus eliminating the need for plastic or styrofoam containers that would simply be thrown away.

·       How Does It Work? GreenToGo is a membership program that uses a check-in and check-out service. Members pay a $25 annual fee to be included and are then able to request a GreenToGo box at participating restaurants for their leftovers and take-out items. When finished with the box, members can simply drop them off at any other participating restaurant so it can be washed and ready for the next customer. The annual fee will help to purchase the sustainable boxes and build the drop-off bins throughout the community. Special note: membership for the launch year in Durham will be free!

·       Will It Actually Help? Absolutely! A similar program in the San Francisco and Portland areas called GO Box has eliminated the waste of nearly 100,000 disposables in the first five years since its launch. Many of the wasted disposable containers are manufactured using coal, so the dangers associated with the production and disposal of them are reduced by a green take-out container program.

Please help us get this program started and contribute to the GreenToGo campaign. Visit their Kickstarter site to sign-up to make a donation! If you’re interested in other sustainable, organic, or green products like refillable personal soaps and household cleaners, check us out here at Fillaree and see our options!  Reuse is the Future, help us lead the way!