Reduce, Rethink, & Reuse Back to School with a visit to the Scrap Exchange.

Why You Should Reuse Last Year's School Supplies

Summertime is coming to an end in the Triangle and the time to prepare for a new school year is upon us! But before heading out to a massive, overpriced chain store with a lengthy list of needed school supplies, consider this option: reuse the supplies that were bought last year.

We know that sounds a little unheard of, especially considering our society is driven by consumerism and a “must have all things new” mentality. However, here at Fillaree in Durham, we believe that sustainable living should extend beyond green cleaning products.

Here are just a few benefits to reusing last year’s school supplies instead of buying entirely new sets.

·       Save Money. Is it just us, or are backpacks and binders getting more expensive with each passing year? The biggest benefit to reusing supplies is the amount of money saved! Things like pencils, pens, crayons and rulers can be easily reused. Also, you more than likely bought a bulk set of those items last year, so there may be some laying around completely unused! For things like backpacks or pencil cases that suffered some wear and tear, consider getting crafty and patch the holes with colorful fabrics or accessories to fix and add new style.

·       Support Local Non-Profits. For items that simply cannot be reused, like paper or craft items, consider visiting a locally-owned shop instead of a big chain. The Scrap Exchange of Durham has provided gently used office supplies, crafts, containers, electronics, and more for 25 years! Their prices are stellar, and their staff is friendly and willing to help find whatever you could need.

·       Teach Children the Value of Green Living. By starting early, you ensure that children will value quality and sustainable practices. At Fillaree, we specialize in handmade soaps and natural household cleaners, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of going green. There are many ways to embody this mindset, and starting with school supplies is a great way to instill this at an early age.

The new school year doesn’t have to be a stressful time, and since reusing supplies is both sustainable and will save money, it can start with a sigh of relief. If you’re interested in other awesome products like homemade, refillable soaps or cleaners, check us out at Fillaree in Durham today! Also be sure to follow us on facebook, Instagram ,and twitter to stay up to date on what we are doing.