2018: What we've accomplished together

2018: What we've accomplished together

We write to you today to recap all of our accomplishments together in 2018. In April, we extended our community of waste-battling refillers, able to access a full suite of zero waste products for the home and body, by adding a subscription program for Soap + Suds Hand and Body Wash, Clean Plate Club and Clean Dream. This was no easy task but together with a few brave first subscribers we successfully got this program off the ground and are now providing households from San Francisco to Arkansas with zero waste bath and cleaning products.

In October, after 5 years of making soap by hand on an antique stove and growing steadily as a community, we were able to invest in our infrastructure and add a 65-gallon soap-making tank. One small step for our big mission to reach more supporters and reduce waste in our communities!

The fall was a busy time for us. With our subscription program running for several months at that point we began to learn from our first subscribers and built a refill starter pack based on their needs (if it doesn’t exist go build it!). With the help of our trusty tank, we were able to provide the starter pack for a good value–to encouraging new customers to take up a refillable way of life and make sure all their needs are covered.

32 OZ Returnable Refill bottle full of Soap + Suds 
*16 Oz Body Wash Soap + Suds
*8 OZ (EMPTY ) Glass Bottle, this enables you to start refilling right away 

*Black Compostable Shower Sponge
*Stainless Steel Funnel
*$75 in value for only $50!!!!

We also expanded our selection of Nalgene jugs to add to the joy of refilling: our BPA free Nalgenes now come in an array of colors to differentiate your refill liquid bottles in your cabinet.

Last but not least: We added Zero Waste Home Goods to the Fillaree Storefront for those of us looking to curb some habits in our daily lives to make anything from making coffee to eating on-the-go less waste generating. 

Come by the Fillaree Storefront Saturdays 10am-4pm to stock up for your waste reducing New Years resolutions or do some last minute holiday shopping Friday December 21st from 10am-2pm or during our annual Procrastinator’s Pop-UpSaturday December 22nd from 10am-2pm. 
We have you to thank for all this progress. The climb towards sustainability is steep but we will get there one single-use plastic bottle, straw, fork, or bag not used, left right where it is – to send a message to its maker, to its vendor: “we no longer want this.”
A special thank you to the early adopters of our subscription program that is now 9 months old. Because of you, we estimate that we have been able to keep over 10,000 plastic bottles out of the landfill. We hope you can help us find more people like you who love our planet, want to reduce their impact and haven't yet heard of Fillaree
Consider helping us reach our goal of getting 25 more subscribers before the end of the year by spreading the word and offering friends, family, and coworkers 10% off with the discount code EARLYADOPTER.
We look forward to great things together in 2019.
THANK YOU so much for all your support to help us get here. Together we will lead the way to a less wasteful future. May your holiday be filled with Peace, Light(weight living), and Love.
The Fillaree Team

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