Home Refill System

Bring the Fillaree refill experience into your own home with our Home Refills! By making it a routine to refill all your essentials at home, you can set yourself on the path to a low-waste lifestyle. Each 0.5 gallon box is designed to refill your products up to 8 times, whether it's our brand bottles (8oz) or any other container you'd like to reuse.

How it works?

Choose your Fillaree product and scent, select your desired time frame, and either add one of our bottles to your order or use your own at home. You can also purchase a starter kit that includes everything you need to begin your refill journey. We ship your refill and bottles in plastic-free, compostable packaging materials, and offer free shipping on all refills and starter packs. Once you have collected 3-5 empty bags, simply send them back to us using a prepaid return label. We wash, sanitize, and refill your bottle, putting it back to work and keeping it out of the landfill.