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Learn more about how to reduce your waste with our reusable & returnable refill bottles.

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1. We Pack and Ship your order

2. Refill home bottle 2-4 times

3. Return bottle in prepaid envelope

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Fillaree makes it easy to reduce your household plastic waste

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Who Loves refill?!

Rob Greenfield, Sustainability activist on Fillaree Soap + Suds.

"The soap is 100% biodegradable & has a wonderful natural lavender.  Check out Fillaree to learn more about refilling your own soap bottle and using soap that’s better for you and the planet."

Kathryn Kellogg, Going Zero Waste, BLogger and Fillaree FAN!

“Fillaree is a company whose getting it right! The products are clean, green, and most importantly effective! 10 out of 10 would and have recommended to all my friends.”