Good News from Fillaree!

Good News from Fillaree!

"Best Of" Awards for Fillaree 

We're feeling all warm and fuzzy - and not just because it's July and the heat index has been nothing but brutal for the last little bit! The people have spoken (in the form of two local "Best of" awards) and your love for us shines bright!  We are over the moon that we won the write-in category "Made in Durham" in The Durham Magazine's2022 Best of Durham award alongside our good friends (and total rockstars), at Bright Black Candles, Big Spoon Roasters, and Durham Distillery – we are humbled and honored to say the least. This felt like a "made it" moment, I won't lie. 

And then, in the same week we learned that we were finalists  (honorable mention, if you will) in The Indy's Best of Triangle for a category that is so affirming of our mission: Best Environmentally Friendly Business in the Triangle! It's no surprise that The Scrap Exchange took home the top prize in that category, and to hear the people confirm that we're also at the top of the pack in businesses who care about environmental impact makes us flutter with pride! 

Fillaree Soap & Suds efficacy verified by 3rd party lab!

We recently enlisted the services of 3rd party evaluator, Microchem Laboratory, to test the efficacy of our beloved Soap & Suds Hand and Body wash. It passed the USP 51 testing, which is a testing method that determines the antimicrobial efficacy of a material's preservatives. Our soaps were put to the test in an independent lab and proved to kill dangerous bacteria like E. Coli.

We haven't changed anything about Soap & Suds - our ingredients and formula are exactly as they always have been, but now we have 3rd party verification of the safety and efficacy of this product in the face of potential bacteria and other microorganisms that it may encounter.  

Rest assured your hands and health are well-protected when washing with Soap & Suds! 

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