How Fillaree Works/ FAQ

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Our three unique Refill Models
1)Subscribe and Save!
Fillaree offers any and all of our 3 essential liquids via our low waste online refill subscription program.
Choose your liquid, Soap + Suds, hand & body Soap, Clean Dream Spray, Clean Plate Club Dish Soap) 
Choose your scent
Choose your time frame 
Add one of our bottles to your order or use the ones you may have at home.
Purchase a starter kit that has all that you need to start your refill journey!
We ship your refill and or bottles in all plastic free compostable packing materials.
FREE SHIPPING on all refills and starter packs!!!!!
When your bottle is empty, send it back with the pre-paid return label
We wash sanitize & REFILL your bottle!! putting it back to work and keeping out of the landfill!
1) Can I switch up my scents in the starter pack?
Not yet, we are working on this
2)Can I give a subscription to someone?
You can put in their address and name and send them one, we are working on official gift subscriptions with set timelines, etc.
3)What if I just want one refill bottle/Starter pack?
Subscribe and then turn around and cancel, its very simple through the customer portal you set up when you subscribe.
2) Refill at a Refill Station near you 
We have over 45 Refill Stations Throughout the United States. They are listed below;

3)Refill at your place of work with our Commercial Refill Program

Email to find out about our commercial refill program.

All these local businesses use and refill our natural Soap + Suds!!!!!

                 Gocciolina (Durham)

    1. St. James Seafood (Durham)
      1. Tazza Kitchen (Raleigh + Cary)
        1. Bull City Burger and Brewery
          1. Pompieri Pizzeria
            1. ALoft Hotel, Durham, NC
              1. Accordion Club, NC
                1. Luna Rotisserie, NC
                  1. A Helping Hand, NC
                    1. ZenFish Poke Bar, NC
                      1. CompostNow, NC
                        1. Archives Social, NC
                          1. East Durham Bake Shop, NC
                            1. Cocoa Cinnamon, NC
                              1. Hope Valley Country Club, NC
                                1. Cherry Realty, NC
                                  1. Orange Street Collective, NC
                                    1. Joe Van Gogh, NC
                                      1. Fullsteam Brewery, NC
                                        1. Trophy Brewing, Raleigh, NC
                                          1. Mothers & Sons
                                            1. Lucky's Deli
                                              1. Armonia Health
                                                1. Copa Durham
                                                  1. Treehouse Studios 
                                                    1. Active Edge Fitness
                                                      1. Community Power Yoga
                                                        1. Vin Rouge
                                                          1. The Durham Hotel