How Fillaree Works

Fillaree's unique refill models.

#1) Subscribe 

Subscribe to one or all 3 of our liquid products and they are sent to your home in a durable reusable bottle that allows you to refill your smaller home containers 2-4 times.  Each subscription comes with a prepaid compostable envelope that you can easily store until your bottle is empty. When you have emptied your last bit of liquid into one of your home bottles, you put it in the prepaid envelope and send it back to us. We wash, sanitize, refill and REUSE the bottle.  Keeping it out of landfills and creating the circular waste economy that we need to #livelow and lessen our footprint on this marvelous place we call home.

#2) Refill Locally 

Fillaree wants to make refilling as easy at it is rewarding, it feels good to refill!! Participate in the reinvented circular economy of reuse and refill at your local station.  There are over 15 Fillaree Refill stations spread out over the country. If you live near a station take your bottle directly to a station to refill it! (Certain Stations have certain products, make sure they have what you are looking for by contacting directly. 
#3 Commercial/Business Refills
Does your business want that good soap! Want to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and reduce your waste in the same way, contact us to inquire about our commercial refill program.  We provide our three liquids in bulk at a special business rate, in addition, you get a sign telling the world how much you care.